I am a twenty six year old female visual artist, designer, and musician from Delray Beach, Florida. I have been making my own clothing since I was a little kid as a form of self expression.

My self titled brand, Faena by Katelyn Fay is a fashion-focused online concept store with roots in South Florida. Focusing on how fashion, art, and music interact with each other. Done by stocking distinctive, reworked second-hand pieces and brand new one of a kind season-less pieces, I use my own artwork in my fabric designs. The underlying concept behind my one of a kind pieces is to promote a slower and more sustainable approach to fashion.

My clothing is a direct reflection of me and my visual artwork. A mix of repurposing and reworking thrifted outfits + my own brand new art printed fabrics, which originate from my drawings and paintings. It's a chaotic mess of color and expression and each piece is made one-off. I strongly believe in utilizing all left over scraps and leaving nothing to waste.

I design new pieces in drops once a month.

I recently changed the way I run Faena by Katelyn Fay to drops and pre made only to enable me to be as free and creative as possible!

My latest collection has consisted of a series of mixed art print patchwork bike shorts, leggings, matching art printed tops, 1/1 cropped patchwork art print long sleeve button-down tops, and hand-painted reworked vintage denim jeans and jean jackets. The designs are inspired by clothing I already owns that I love to wear.

For custom commission inquiries email faena.tv@gmail.com