What are the Patchwork Bike Shorts?

Do you ever get up and want to put on just a comfortable pair of shorts that are capable of both lounging on the couch sipping coffee, cleaning the apartment out of boredom, and running your daily errands all without having to change? 

I used to wear denim shorts all the time but now i find myself wanting to wear things more comfortable and versatile, which usually leads me to wearing bike shorts 24/7. Which while i might add, i have usually made by cutting up leggings/yoga pants into shorts because finding a good pair is somehow very hard! 

It’s this idea that lead me to start making more and more bike/cycling shorts. Years ago while living in New York i wanted to make myself clothing to fit the cold temperatures, long amounts of walking, and of course, the appearance of high fashion. So i took my sketchbook drawings & paintings, photographed them, and had them printed onto fabrics and turned them into leggings. 

After the years, i moved back to Florida where it was always warm, and felt i needed more shorts rather than leggings, so i decided to cut the leggings i made into bike shorts and use the rest of the fabrics i’d be left with as tops or other pairs of shorts. 

This is when the art print bike shorts took off. 

The idea for patchworking bike shorts came after this, when i found myself unable to financially pay for more of my art printed fabrics because i had no money, i decided to sew together all the left over scraps i had from cutting up previous designs. Whether it was scraps from making tops, shorts, straps, dresses, whatever, i always save my left over material and put it aside for this reason. Nothing goes unused. 

Pure necessity and lack of money is what promoted the patchwork bike shorts.