Fall=Button Downs

So Fall is here! Whether you live in an all year round warm climate or where the seasons are changing, here are our favorite looks to wear right now:

1. The 1/1 Scrap Art Print Long Sleeve Button Downs 

It's always great when you're in a hurry to get out the door and feel like you need one good piece to spice up the whole look, like our 1/1 button downs! They go great with a pair of high waisted jeans, high waisted skirt and tights, or high waisted pair of leggings.

2. Hand-Painted Reworked Denim Jeans

Every fall outfit entails a great pair of jeans, so why not spice up your denim wardrobe with a pair that is one of a kind and hand painted by an actual artist? New hand painted jeans are made bi weekly and all hand painted by Katelyn Fay. Each pair is thrifted and reworked, to help the global crisis of fast fashion, we always buy thrifted so we are working with materials already made and gently used, rather than buying brand new. Patterns vary from floral, abstract shapes, to portraits. Every good pair of hand painted jeans goes great with a solid long sleeve turtle neck top.

3. Art Printed Leggings

Every pair of art printed leggings is handmade by Katelyn Fay using her OWN original paintings and drawings digitally printed onto cotton jersey and spandex fabrics with elastic for added comfort. Dress them up with a matching long sleeve top or a solid colored long sleeve top to make them the focal point of the ensemble!